Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Music: DJ - Broader than Broadway feat. Roger Rivas and Anne Montone (from LA Flavorpill)

Vintage reggae and future soul is the name of the game at this week's installment of weekly DJ throwdown Broader than Broadway. Resident DJs of the HM Sound System man the decks in between acts, Anne Montone works out her futuro-soul obsession on the mic and the turntable, and Aggrolites keyboardist Roger Rivas digs into supremely deep crates for an old-school reggae set.

– Shana Nys Dambrot

[Photo: Anne Montone, Photo: Mark Okoh]

Rated M (Pushy Music 2007)

"From the first pulsations of 'Ladies Weekend,' singer Anne Montone's voice gets free. It's a chill drive with the windows down to your favorite club with your girls - the anticipation of the evening calling you out. Soulful, sexy and fun, the songs here, like 'What About Us?' break with real, tender intimacy."

"The first few tracks are well produced, lush, soulful downtempo breaknish. Sounds like Janet Jackson and Bjork had a baby and made it sing to People Under the Stairs’ backupband. Beautiful soulfunk in places, kinda strange in others."
Tracks: 1*, 2, 3, 4** 5***
- KUPS 90.1 FM

Anne Montone's Elephonic

"If I was just through cruisin and bruisin’ through the sloppy shoddy substanceless ego fed and talentless bred cobweb of LA looking for some sort of redeeming sense of artistry over image while cursing how deep the depths of the soulless turd this city churns out and is more than happy to entertain have actually been rooted, I would need something, anything, to give me a reason not to slit my wrists to escape the should-be-abandoned church of barrcode worship (someone give me a medal for world’s longest sentence...). It is at that exact point of limitless loss of hope that Anne Montone’s sultry voice oozes the earthy pleasures and genuinely necessary contemplation associated with heartfelt soul seduction and romance, pain and pleasure, happiness, hatred, love, and guilt, all within a few simple sexy breaths. And best of all, it all plays into the perfection of the relaxed downtempo Portisheady beats dropped by eddie Barajas, Joe Funkl, and Jennifer cook. Hot shit." [wAM]
- Kotori Magazine

"It's hard to concentrate working next to a rockstar. But when URB advertising diva Anne Montone signs off the clock for the day, she becomes the singer of Elephonic, one of LA’s busiest new groups. The foursome have conquered the LA club scene with their sultry downtempo sound and made nice with radio tastemakers across the So-Cal dial. A remix project featuring Next 100 alum Subtitle among others means 2005 should be the year Elephonic goes nationwide." Jbou
- URB Magazine's Next 100, 2005

"Portishead meets The Weekend Players with Elephonic, a four piece group led by Anne Montone, whose sweet voice offers the whimsy of Rachel Foster and the subtle instensity of Bjork…Together Elephonic delivers an intimate show that is at once sexy and innocent, joyful and sad…Often elusive, whether playing soulful downtempo, sexy trip-hop, or experimental broken beat, their intimate show leaves you pondering the meaning of life, love, and, yes, happiness..." (AM)
- LA.Flavorpill.Net