Tuesday, October 4, 2011

it's been a long been a long been a long....time!

hey friends! it's been quite a while since i posted on this page! i've actually been going to http://hammytime.tumblr.com/ for my recent updates and random thoughts....feel free to join me there too! i can't believe we're already into Q4 of 2011.....i hope it's been a remarkable year for you. i know it has for me! i've celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary....how cool is that!!! i also have been inspired creatively and musically.....singing on projects and DJing at events.....i'm working on keeping it positive during the ups and downs because i know that God has the plan and i just need to get out of the way! of course, it's easier said than done -- but i'm up for the challenge!! xo!


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