Monday, December 15, 2008

Early Holidays and Laryngitis

It's kind of fun being snowed in! I've spent the last 5 or so days up in Portland visiting my family and while the weather reports threatened snow...I just didn't believe it. Until I got a phone call from my brother Paul on Sunday morning telling me to look outside! Snow!! It really happened! If only I could enjoy it. I've seriously been suffering from laryngitis since Friday...and I'm sure going to see Vampire Weekend and hanging out with the guys at a smokey bar didn't help. HA! But when you're with family, what are you supposed to do!? Fortunately I was able to visit with my grandmother before the voice left me...but I hope hope hope that the vocals are back by Thursday as I'm supposed to be singing at the Broadway Bar! I guess my body will let me know what the plan will be. My parents swear by gargling with warm salt you can believe I've been all about it. Tomorrow is the last day in Portland and I think the snow isn't expected back until Wednesday...I really am glad that I've been able to have as much family time as I did. Movies, popcorn, wine, Scrabble, and lots of laughs. Yah!


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