Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music Really Does Make A Difference

I figure I'll try something a little different and actually write down some thoughts o' mine. Good idea? Yes! Last night was so much fun at Verdugo Bar. I actually had never been there before - even though I lived in Eagle Rock for many years....a long time ago...but perhaps the bar wasn't even there when I was living out East...East being off the 2 FWY. It's a cute space with bartenders who care - can you believe it! They have a huge beer menu and, let's say you order a bottle and step away for a moment...they'll put that bottle back in the fridge for you - because really, who wants a warm beer! Not me!

The whole reason for me being at said fantastic bar was because I was asked by my buddies, El Dopa and Ted Loc, to play some music. They throw a monthly party called Music Makes The Difference and since I love to select tunes and share with the people...of course I said OK! I already host a party each month, so fortunately I had my tunes all ready to go and I was comfortable with what I wanted to play. I'm not necessarily the kind of DJ who maps out the exact songs - I'm more of a "let's see what's moving me in the moment" kind of selector. And of course, I always try to incorporate my original work into the mix. He he he... El Dopa let me know that they never had a live vocalist at MMTD before, so I was very glad to break that seal. I think the most fun is mixing in one of my own tunes, singing it live and people not realizing it's me singing! I'm a trickster!

Also at the party last night were artists Christina M Felice and Francis Poland, sharing their work on the flat screens. Deejay Analog also played a killer set after mine! I just love when people join together in a creative space and set the vibe for what always turns into a lovely evening.

Here are some pics from last night...Hope you enjoy them! Next time I'll figure out how to record my set and then post it up. OF course, you can always find me at the Purple Lounge every last Wednesday of the month for Compact Disco! Besos!!

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